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3rd-Sep-2010 06:21 pm - DON'T EAT THE PANCAKES!!
DW: Sarah
Our cat doesn't seem to understand the concept of a cage... he's taken to sleeping in it. ON HIS OWN. Like... he actually crawls in there and curls up. The other day he was washing himself in there. I'm like really? But then, it's rather smart of him, because how are we supposed to punish him when he's bad if the cage is his bed?? "Bad boy! You're going to bed!!" doesn't seem very effective.

On another note, my second week of college went okay. I turned in two essays, took a test, and finally figured out how to use the microscope right in my Anatomy class. Lots of stress, many nights staying up till midnight studying, but it's over. & now it's a three day weekend! Yay! Time to get some sleep for once... LOL!

Oh, and a note to any current or future Longview students, DON'T EAT THE FREE PANCAKES!
23rd-Aug-2010 08:14 pm - Q&A Meme
DW: Sarah

If you’ve been tagged, you must write your answers in your own LJ and replace any question that you dislike with a new question.
Tag ten people. Don’t refuse to do that. Don’t tag who tagged you.

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20th-Aug-2010 05:39 pm - Shipping meme! My first...
DW: Sarah

Here's a little shipping meme to fill this empty journal out a bit :)

"One True Pairing" Ship: Ten/Rose! (Doctor Who).
"One True Threesome" Ship: Ah... not a big fan of 'em, but if I had one it'd be Nine/Rose/Jack (Doctor Who).
"Canon" Ship: Vaughn/Sydney (Alias), Logan/Veronica (Veronica Mars), Chuck/Sarah (Chuck), Gwen/Rhys (Torchwood), Rory/Amy (Doctor Who), Eight/Grace (Doctor Who), Weiss/Nadia (Alias), Hodgins/Angela (Bones), Will/Francie (Alias), Laura/Steele (Remington Steele), Buffy/Angel (Buffy), Max/Liz (Roswell), Michael/Maria (Roswell)
"Not quite canon but should be" ship: Jack/Gwen (Torchwood), Tosh/Owen (Torchwood), Booth/Brennan (Bones), Castle/Beckett (Castle), Nine/Rose (Doctor Who), Ten/Rose (Doctor Who), House/Cuddy (House) [not counting those last moments of the season 6 finale, they really aren't canon yet], Jordan/Woody (Crossing Jordan)

"If this happens I'll stab my eyes out with a spork" Ship: Ten/Reinette (Doctor Who), Booth/Cam (Bones), Ten/Martha (Doctor Who), Ten/River (Doctor Who), Brennan/Hacker (Bones) [if there's any MORE of that I should say], Booth/Hannah [I haven't even seen it yet but I just know I'm gonna hate it...], John Smith/Joan (Doctor Who) [technically it already happened, but let's just say "if this happens again", k? ;)]
"You are one sick bastard" ship: Ten/Master (Doctor Who), Master/Rose (Doctor Who), Sloane/Sydney (Alias), Cam/Zack (Bones), Brennan/Zack (Bones), Jack/Donna (Doctor Who), Dumbledore/Harry (Harry Potter), Snape/Harry (Harry Potter), Draco/Ginny (Harry Potter)
"I'm one sick bastard" ship: Does Four/Sarah (Doctor Who) count?, House/Cameron (House), Xena/Aires (Xena), Jack/Irina (Alias) [yes, they're married, but their entire life together was a lie on her part, so, yeah]
"I dabble a little" Ship: Jack/Rose (Doctor Who), Mickey/Rose (Doctor Who), Sydney/Will (Alias), Sweets/Daisy (Bones), Buffy/Spike (Buffy)
"It's like a car crash" Ship: Max/Tess (Roswell), Rose/Adam (Doctor Who), Gwen/Owen (Torchwood)
"Tickles my fancy but not sold quite yet" Ship: Morgan/Garcia (Criminal Minds), Eleven/River (Doctor Who)
"Makes no canon sense but why the hell not" Ship: Gibbs/Kate (NCIS)
"Everyone else loves it but I just don't feel it" Ship: Jack/Ianto (Torchwood), Veronica/Piz (Veronica Mars), Thirteen/Foreman (House), Cameron/Chase (House), Tony/Ziva (NCIS) [but I gotta admit I haven't seen all that much of Ziva... I never really gave the show a chance after Kate left].

"When all is said and done" Ship: Ten/Rose (Doctor Who), Buffy/Angel (Buffy), Jack/Gwen (Torchwood), Booth/Brennan (Bones)
"Guilty Pleasure" ship: Ten/Lady Christina (Doctor Who) [simply because Ten should belong to Rose, and ROSE ONLY]
"I can't believe I read/saw it and liked it" ship: Xander/Cordelia (Buffy)
"Favorite "Older/Younger" ship: Nine/Rose (Doctor Who), Gibbs/Kate (NCIS)
"My first I could never abandon you" ship: Oh gosh... well, my very first would probably be Nancy/Ned (Nancy Drew) haha but that was years ago... I guess some of my firsts would be Sue/Jack (Sue Thomas FBEye), Logan/Veronica (Veronica Mars), and the Doctor (Nine or Ten)/Rose (Doctor Who). Oh, and Vaughn/Sydney (Alias)... such fond memories of sitting in front of my little television in my closet late at night, headphones on, watching Alias episodes I recorded on VHS hoping that my parents wouldn't catch me - LOL! Only a few years ago I know but feels like a lifetime.

Favorite Devotionship: Ten/Rose (Doctor Who), Booth/Brennan (Bones), Buffy/Angel (Buffy)
Favorite Nevermetship: Can't think of any... I guess I'm pretty traditional in my ships.
Favorite Pervyship: ... Nope... none of those either.
Favorite DominanceBattleShip: None that I can think of.

Note: I took "canon" to mean having gotten together on screen, not like... say, Booth/Brennan (Bones), where even though they've danced around it they haven't actually been together.

If you'd like me to friend you, leave a comment with a couple fandoms we have in common or just some things about you & I'd be happy to add you :)

PS, the new layout is by premade_ljs

26th-Jun-2010 11:22 pm - So much to do!
DW: Sarah

Vacation time!

Starting tomorrow morning, I'm officially on vacation! Going up to Branson with a friend for a couple days, check out Silver Dollar City and a couple shows & such, get some sun... you know the drill :)

I don't go on vacation very often, and this is the first time I've gone without my family, so this is a big step. Granted I'm going with a long time friend who sometimes calls herself my second-mom, but still... it's different. So I'm very excited and a bit nervous at the same time!

Now, there's only one problem with this vacation: I've been so busy today with getting my stuff packed and a friend's birthday party that I've yet to see the Doctor Who finale! Exciting? Not so much. Of course that is three less days I'll be Who-less before Christmas, but that doesn't keep me from being bummed about the situation.

On a side note, who's heard about this Kristen Bell interview about a Veronica Mars movie?? Evidently it's somewhat old news, but I only just found it on SideReel, & I think it's great! For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, it's an interview with the star of Veronica Mars where she says she's trying to campaign to show Warner Bros. that people would go see a Mars film. I agree with her that we, the fans, need to speak up and show them that we're still interested.

Here's the SideReel post if you want to check it out.
24th-Jun-2010 02:17 am - What we've all been waiting for.
DW: Sarah
It's official. The world is changing. Fans of Doctor Who, prepare yourselves. This is a big one, one that will spur widespread happiness and joy. Lives will change. People will dance in the streets with this lovely, pure, and brilliant truth:

Doctor Who is real.

Yes, my friends, it is true. An image captured by NASA's Splitzer Space Telescope proves to us, beyond a doubt, that the world of Doctor Who is actually seeded in fact. This crack, now recognizable to millions as the crack in time that's been following The Doctor and Amy throughout the entire fifth series (also known by many, including the program's head writer, as series fnarg), was spotted in the star constellation Sagittarius. This can mean one thing only: that The Doctor is real. He lives, in the real world, and it can only be assumed that he will, someday soon, visit Earth again.

Now, granted, some may point out that with this revelation comes a rather scary one. One that... admittedly... has the potential to cause some damage.

There's a crack in time which could devour us whole.

Not to worry, though. The Doctor will, as he always does, save us. Just in the nick of time, he will come through, with his trusty sonic and the lovely Amy, and all will not be lost. And then, when all is safe, we'll celebrate the dawn of a new age. An age where, as only dreamt of before, one could meet this man called Doctor. See his TARDIS, ask him questions no one else could answer; maybe even take a trip with him. That, I tell you, is well worth the danger.

If you need your own, personal proof that the world of Doctor Who is truly real, you can view the picture here.
14th-Jun-2010 04:15 am - Years later... My first entry!
DW: Sarah
Well for the first time in the years that I've had this LJ profile, I've decided to post an actual blog-like post! Are you amazed?

Anyways, after hours of searching, I found the perfect new layout... Credit goes to carnivalofsong :)

I am a little iffy about it, simply because it only seems to work in S1 mode, but other than not being able to control the font, I'm not having any trouble with it... & I love the look of it!

Now that I finally found a layout I'm happy with, I can focus on finding a mood theme. I happened across these fun customizations while searching for a layout. I think I'm going to use a Four/Sarah one to match my new layout :D

For now, though, I'm going to bed... before my mom catches me staying up till 5 in the morning again o_0 now THAT wasn't fun. I had to sit through a long lecture about "responsibilities" and "getting things accomplished". Yeah, mom, I'm getting a lot accomplished... on my LJ profile! Haha I don't think she'd go for it, so... I'm off.
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